After a wide reputation, Go Tango has sought to share success with other experienced entrepreneurs across Lebanon .Hence a franchise program was born, in addition to a Training Program to meet the needs of the franchisee, in order to manage efficiently the Go Tango operation and to maintain maximum productivity.

Benefits of being a Go Tango partner:

  1. Efficient operation.
  2. Flexible training program.
  3. Keeps support in F&B field.
  4. Grand store.
  5. Good public R/S, support in marketing.
  6. Famous trade mark.

Pre- opening support steps:

  1. Evaluate the location.
  2. Interior design /architecture.
  3. Support for pre-opening.
  4. Hard-intensive training.
  5. IT System (Hardware & Software, installation & Training).
  6. Advertisement & communication push up.
  7. Organized team for opening from Beirut.
Go Tango training center in the main branch outlet include all operation steps and services. Our ideal franchisee, not important to have a high food experience service, but to be highly energetic individual with an opened minded and with minimum management concepts.
GoTango is unique in its marketing concepts. Taking into consideration, the good and healthy, fresh quality (S.M.S.), also seeking to build and maintain along run R/S with customers and suppliers. (C.S.R.M.).

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